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We had our first (since moving together) overnight house guests recently, so it seemed like a good time to give a little tour of how things have been looking in our guest room lately. You saw a sneak peek in our recent shelf building post, but we have a few more fun details to share.

Originally we wanted to make this room an office/guest room combo, but the reality is that we can barely fit a bed and a dresser in here with enough space to walk around. Even without the dresser, there’s not enough room to accommodate both my desk and a human sitting at it. Fortunately, we actually really like our shared office arrangement and the cats love sleeping in the guest room when we don’t have company, so it’s all worked out great.

This is how this room was prior to my moving in:

And that is more or less how it’s looked for the past few years, with the addition of a table that had some music equipment on it. The room was truly a spare, used primarily to store things. A blow up mattress provided temporary sleeping arrangements for visiting guests.

Over the past couple months we painted the walls and trim, updated the ceiling fan, hung curtains, built and installed an art ledge, and moved in what used to be my bedroom furniture. We reworked the storage situation and sold the furniture formerly filling the space.

Now things are looking more like so:

It’s a small room, so it’s not the easiest to photograph, but you get the idea!

Some might think the pillow quantity on the bed is excessive, but in our experience everyone has differing opinions on what constitutes a good pillow, so we prefer to offer options. The rest can be dumped unceremoniously into a corner of the room. The euro pillows are useful for propping oneself up in bed for reading or what have you.

We have this great faux fur blanket which I (and the cats) actually prefer to have on the end of the bed in lieu of the spare pink one, but just looking at it in 100+ degree Summer heat is  uncomfortable, so we shelved it. It’ll likely make a seasonal reappearance come Fall and Winter.

You may recall this angle from our previous post about building shelves (this time sans cat). The dresser I refinished myself a couple years back. I kept the original hardware for the large drawers but updated the middle drawers with these fox pulls. Anyone who knows me knows I have an affinity for foxes. There is a little welcome sign on on the dresser that includes our wifi information and the basket is stocked with water and snacks for our guests. The kitchen is always open to our guests, of course, but we figure the convenience is nice.

A little ottoman in the corner provides storage for us, but also a spot to prop up a suitcase or sit and look out the window.

The table lamps and nightstands are equipped with smart lights. They are preset with a few settings (all on, one side or the other on, various dimness settings). A remote allows for easily cycling through the presents or custom controlling of the dimmers. There’s also a remote for the ceiling fan, so one never has to leave the comfort of bed to create the perfect ambiance.

As fun as the light-up nightstands are, the asian vibe doesn’t really mesh with the rest of the room, so I’d like to change them out for something else eventually. They hark back to my college days when I went through a bit of a zen aesthetic phase. Right now I’m leaning toward something like these. I am also attracted to these ones, but they are too big for the room. If I stumble across a cool thrifted or vintage deal that suits the space, I’m open to that as well! Not a high priority change right now, but it’ll happen someday.

I’d also like to switch up a print or two on the art ledge as it is a little bird heavy at the moment. Changing out prints is cheap and easy, but we’ve been focusing on art for other more actively used spaces lately.

For now, it’s perfectly functional as is and — we hope — comfortable for our guests.

For decor sources, check out our Guest Room Pinterest board.

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