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I hesitate to call this a before and after, because the house is constantly evolving and there is still a lot I’d like to do to this room, but the living room has changed drastically since I moved in. DJ didn’t particularly want to keep any of his existing furniture, so we sold off everything that was in there except the cat tree and the TV. The former’s fate is to be determined (more on that later in the post) and the latter ended up moving into the master bedroom to replace a large plasma screen that was in there. We updated the ceiling fan, got the room freshly painted, and then essentially transplanted my living room into the space.

Here’s what the room was looking like this spring.

Here’s the current state of the room from the same angle.

It may look like I just sort of took the space over, but DJ helped pick out a lot of this furniture — the couch (we must have sat on hundreds of them before choosing this one, haha), coffee table, c table, and three tier table — back when I was furnishing my previous place so it was sort of a joint decorating venture that took its time making its way to this space. Besides, we both agree that my couch is far superior in both practical comfort and aesthetics.

We’d like to put a skinny console table behind the couch, but haven’t found the right one yet. We’re also on the hunt for a little basket or bowl to live under the plant stand you see on the right (which is a new addition and technically a cake stand — shh) so DJ has a convenient place to toss his sunglasses and keys and such near the door.

Onto more pictures, with as much cat photo bombing as is possible.

The art above the fireplace is a bit of a family heirloom. My great grandmother bought it on a trip to Paris and according to my dad it hung in her house as long as he can remember. Sometimes I think I’d like to update the framing, but I’m not sure. I love this painting. It’s easily my favorite piece of art in the house.

Eventually we’ll be replacing the ottoman Mika is sitting on below with something we both like. DJ doesn’t love it and despite it looking okay in this pic, it is starting to show its age in less than pretty ways.

Mika and Mochi spend a lot of time on the bookcase. They use the back of the armchair as a launching and landing point. I’ve been meaning to make a custom size sleeping pad for them that better fits the space, but haven’t quite got around to it yet. We have no shortage of projects around here!

The cat tree in the older photo of the living room was still in the room until we moved it in order to put up the curtains last week, but it looks so nice in here without it that it’s currently living in limbo in the kitchen, awaiting its fate. The cat tree used to be Calamity’s favorite spot to lounge so I didn’t want to take it away from her, but the Bengals pretty much took it over and I never see her on there anymore. She mostly naps in the master bedroom or on the couch. In addition to the top of the bookcase, the Bengals also like to sleep on the guest room bed and on cat tree in the office upstairs, so there’s no shortage of cat friendly napping spots in the house. DJ and I have talked about possibly putting an actual tree (maybe a dracaena?) in that corner by the window instead.

I reeeaaallly want to paint the front door – both inside and out – a color so there’s a little hit of interest in that corner. Right now I’m leaning toward a soft mint color. We actually need to paint all the doors in the house. They are all a cream color and we want them white to match the trim. It’s a task we’ve been putting off for a while in favor of other projects.

Other possible changes for this space include maybe upgrading the TV stand eventually (it got a bit beat up in my move down from Oregon last year) and maybe changing out the Cinderella art for something DJ and I pick out together. I love that piece, so I would definitely find somewhere else in the house for it to live if we replace it. It’s one of the original ads for the Disney movie illustrated by Mary Blair. It’s pulled from a 1950 Ladies’ Home Journal and captures several of my interests within its frame – graphic design, vintage finds, illustration, and Disney.

That plant in the above image is the last remaining fake in the room. I might need to remedy that!

Lately I’ve also been daydreaming about a different book storage solution too (in lieu of the tall bookcase) but I don’t know that I can remove one of my cats’ favorite nap zones — especially if we don’t return their cat tree!

Wish list and ongoing projects aside, we’re overall very comfortable in our current living room space and always enjoy the time we spend in there be it chatting, playing with cats, or watching a show together. It feels like home.

For decor sources, check out our Living Room Pinterest board.

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