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A Surprise Visit

We’re taking a break from home updates today to share a snapshot of life (well, mostly of our pets). My mom popped in from Oregon this past weekend for a surprise visit on my birthday. While she was here, we spent some time in the backyard with the Bengal girls and her service dog, Teddy. Cute animals are always great for a photo opportunity, so I grabbed my camera and snagged a few shots while my mom, DJ, and I conversed in the back yard.

DJ’s cats showed up during the evenings for their usual dinner time but didn’t hang around too long beyond that, so they missed out on this photo shoot. Cali showed a little bit of curiosity about Teddy, but ultimately decided it was too risky to get close to the giant fluffy dog.

Mika is always the first to warm up to Teddy when Mom visits. Typically, both Bengals spend the beginning of the visit hiding out until we force some interaction. Then they decide the giant fuzzy Labradoodle isn’t going to eat them after all and turn downright affectionate. A back yard outing is a good way to break the ice, because neither Mika nor Mochi can resist the call of the harness for some outdoor time.

Mika even goes so far as to let Teddy lick her ears. It’s a mixture of adorable and kind of gross, but I’m glad they get along so well.

Mochi takes a little longer to warm up, but she did finally come around while we were in the back yard. She was very vocal about the whole experience. She even got comfortable enough to roll around and expose her spotty belly. Teddy tried the ear lick thing on her too, but she wasn’t as keen on it and he got an earful of MEOW about it.

Everyone played hard and had a good time, though Mika did insist that she wanted to visit the neighbors behind us several times. There’s a large rock by the fence that she likes to use to hop over the fence. You can see DJ has stern cat dad face on, supervising her after a few attempted escapes. Sorry Mika, your innocent “but I’m just sniffing the flowers” routine isn’t fooling anyone.

Eventually all the fur balls wore themselves out and ended the afternoon with naps. It was a good afternoon in the warm California sun for beast and human alike.

Thanks for visiting, Mama. It’s always good to spend time and catch up with you. Since I took all the back yard pictures and am not in any of them, I’ll reverse roles and steal from your Facebook page this time for a birthday picture of us to finish off this post (and yes, you may steal these pics for your Facebook page in return.) Love you!

And thanks to the rest of you for taking the time to visit our little corner of the internet for our tales (tails?) of house and feline.

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