The Master Bedroom

Continuing on our tour of the current state of our house, next stop is the master bedroom. It’s probably the room closest to being “complete” — if anything can really be considered complete in the moving target that is interior styling.  

First off, here is how things were looking in spring:

We painted the walls, updated the ceiling fan, and filled out the room a little more with furniture and art. Currently it’s looking more like this:

We actually both like that dark blue duvet cover from the earlier image, but it’s brushed flannel and much too warm for summer. It will likely make a reappearance come winter. Summers get so warm here, the light cotton duvet cover in white keeps things feeling cooler in the heat, both physically and visually.

The pair of prints flanking the bed are by one of my favorite artists, David Fleck. We ordered them from his Society 6 shop and then had them custom framed. They aren’t sold as a set, but they complement each other well.

DJ is a bit of a night owl, so we put the night scene on his side. His ambient noise maker plays rain every night. The thing is ancient, but he loves it. We eBayed a spare that we used to keep at my previous residence, so we have a back up if it ever dies.

While I don’t necessarily consider myself a morning person, I’m definitely more of one than DJ, so I have morning on my side. I really think of myself as more of a day person. My natural rhythm is usually to crash around 11pm-midnight-ish and get up sometime around 8 or 9am. I don’t do early, and unless I’m sucked into a project, I don’t really do late either.

The wooden box is an antique picked up in a cute shop in Eugene, Oregon a few years back. There’s lip balm and such in there. Lip balm and lotion (hands and feet) are a standard part of my nightly pre-sleep routine. My sinuses are a little sensitive to the dry California air, so I also run that little humidifier every night.

Believe it or not, choosing lamps was our one of our biggest hurdles in putting this room together. We experimented with several (including paper mockups) before landing on these Crate and Barrel lamps. I like how their bulbous form contrasts with the spindly legs of the nightstand. They bring in some curve and color without competing with the art and have some subtle texture up close. They photograph a little more vibrantly than they read in person.

There used to be a giant plasma TV above the dresser. Not only was it too big (in my opinion, not DJ’s, haha) but it got really hot really fast. Maybe that’s helpful in cooler climates, but not here in California. We moved DJ’s LED Smart TV from the living room to up here since we have my (larger and newer) TV in the living room. We don’t use the TV up here very often, but occasionally it’s nice to cuddle up for a late evening show together from the comfort of bed.

We both love this room. It’s calm, comfortable, and feels like us.

There’s not much more planned for this space. We definitely want to get the upstairs carpet stretched at some point (you may have noticed the bump in the above and earlier pictures). I’m not super in love with the prints currently on the pillow covers and throw pillow, but it’s what we had on hand and works for now until I find something better.

We also want a laundry hamper that suits the style of and fits the space better. The current one is a little too wide for where it sits. There are some pretty options out there, but I really like that our current hamper is split inside to pre-sort darks on one side and lights on the other. Most with that feature are a little too large for our space. I suspect I’ll eventually end up getting a single hamper and alter the sort bag to be split myself.

Calamity loves this room as much as we do. She spends many a day lazing about and sleeping on the bed. The other cats hang around from time to time as well — mostly when DJ and I are in here — but she is here the most with or without the humans present. She might even use the space more than we do!

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