We’re DJ and Kimmy. We live in northern California and in spring of 2018 we joined our lives and four cats together in one house. In this blog we’re chronicling our journey through home renovation and the process of integrating our two pairs of cats – hopefully successfully!

DJ is a full-stack software developer who, when mixed with pizza and Dr. Pepper, can create a snappy application for Windows or the web.  He enjoys PC gaming, tennis, and dabbling in music composition.  He also thinks Kimmy is pretty great.

Kimmy is a UX designer obsessed with all things design. She is fueled by tea, drawing, seeing the world, reading good books, and snuggling up with DJ for movies. Her love for tacos knows no bounds. Check out her illustrations and design portfolio if you’re interested in seeing her work.

We’d be remiss not to introduce our furry companions, who inspired us to start this blog.


Calamity is a black Maine Coon mix with strong opinions about everything. A cat through and through, she either demands undivided attention or is totally aloof.  Even so, she’s very affectionate, playful, and protective of her DJ. She likes to ambush her brother, Chaos, then make it look like he started it. She loves cat food and has no interest expanding her culinary horizons.


Chaos, a Maine Coon mix, is a handsome guy if you can spot him (he’s extremely skittish). If you’re lucky enough to earn his trust, he’s putty in your hands. He will follow DJ just about anywhere and in many ways he’s quite like a dog: loyal and obedient. It’s easy to get lost in his intense stare – when he’s not lovingly trying to gnaw the hair off your head. He has a weakness for mac and cheese.

MikaMika is a brown Bengal who is confident to a fault. She loves to be in charge, in high places, and in the center of attention. Despite her brattiness, she and Kimmy have a particularly close bond. Chatty, as most bengals are, she doesn’t meow so much as chirp and squeak. Mika thinks cheese is the bee’s knees.

MochiMochi is a silver Bengal who lives for meal time and hates being in trouble. A lover and rule keeper at heart, she’s a cautious but sweet tempered and affectionate girl who’s always up for conversation (meow). Her favorite food is salmon. (Strangely, she doesn’t much care for her namesake mochi.)