The Master Bedroom

Continuing on our tour of the current state of our house, next stop is the master bedroom. It’s probably the room closest to being “complete” — if anything can really be considered complete in the moving target that is interior styling.   Continue Reading


Our Living Room

I hesitate to call this a before and after, because the house is constantly evolving and there is still a lot I’d like to do to this room, but the living room has changed drastically since I moved in. DJ didn’t particularly want to keep any of his existing furniture, so we sold off everything that was in there except the cat tree and the TV. The former’s fate is to be determined (more on that later in the post) and the latter ended up moving into the master bedroom to replace a large plasma screen that was in there. We updated the ceiling fan, got the room freshly painted, and then essentially transplanted my living room into the space.

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Cat Integration: Thwarting a Cat Burglar

Just when we were congratulating ourselves on how well our cat integration solutions have been working, Calamity decided to throw a wrench into the gears. If you’ve been following along with us for awhile, you may recall our post about our complicated cat feeding situation that involved procuring a microchip enabled feeder so that DJ’s cats could continue to free feed while my Bengals continued their timed meal drops from an automatic feeder (because one of Mochi’s life ambitions is to be as rotund as possible).

Calamity recently decided that despite the free access to her fully stocked microchip-enabled food bowl, the Bengal’s automatic feeder was somehow a more attractive option.

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Livening Things Up

We’ve been working on a few house projects that I was hoping to share this week, including a look at how far we’ve come in updating the living room. But things are moving slightly slower than anticipated, as things often do, and we’re not quite ready to blast it to the internet. So in the interim, I thought I’d share a more micro glimpse of our space by focusing on our still relatively new houseplants.

Generally, when in need of a hit of greenery, I’ve defaulted to decorating with fake plants — though I’m VERY picky about it and only buy them if they are super realistic. Our beautiful state of California is unfortunately wildfire prone and with it comes bad air quality. Last summer and this summer have been particularly bad, and I am relatively sensitive to dry and smokey air. DJ and I thought some natural air purifiers would be a practical and aesthetic option for helping to improve our indoor air so I decided to (gulp) break away from my comfort zone of fake greenery and give the real deal a go. Continue Reading


Be Our Guest

We had our first (since moving together) overnight house guests recently, so it seemed like a good time to give a little tour of how things have been looking in our guest room lately. You saw a sneak peek in our recent shelf building post, but we have a few more fun details to share. Continue Reading

Home Projects

Whatever Floats Your… Stuff?

When we were painting the upstairs bathrooms we took down the medicine cabinets that were hanging over the toilets. The rooms felt so much bigger and less claustrophobic that we decided not to hang them back up. The cabinets were actually a little bit overkill for our needs, but we were still left with a storage shortage without them. We realized a single shelf would free up counter space while still keeping the room feeling open and uncrowded.

Putting an open shelf above a toilet seemed mildly risky, even though we always keep our lids down when not in use (more sanitary, looks better, and — most importantly — keeps Mochi’s water obsessed paws out of the bowls). A picture ledge seemed like the best solution to keep things in place. We hunted for store bought solutions and even bought and tried some shelves from Target, but nothing was quite the right scale, most options being a little too shallow for the items we wanted to store.

Fortunately, picture ledges are a breeze to build and the internet is replete with tutorials, so I decided to make them myself. After reading a few methods online, I had a pretty good idea of what I thought would work best for me and got to work. I ended up building three shelves: one for each of the upstairs bathrooms and one for the guest room. Continue Reading

Cats, Home Projects

Building a Cat Room

I think every cat lover will agree that while cats are pretty awesome, cat boxes stink. We’ve been dealing with having a cat box in our guest room (which was also used as the cat transition room) since I moved in. My Bengals have also been without access to their cat wheel, a thing they historically run on multiple times a day, but happens to be a large and cumbersome eyesore.

There are not really any great locations for cat boxes or the cat wheel in the house, so we decided to build a little cat room off the kitchen in the garage. Continue Reading

Yard Projects

Yard Reveal: Before and After

Things have been a little hectic around here with my moving in, contractors coming and going, out of town company, and integrating cats. It’s been far too long since our last post, but what better way to make up for it than a good ol’ before and after reveal? The yard overhaul took a little longer to complete than was estimated, but the results were worth the wait and minor setbacks. If you missed it, you can check out our yard inspiration post to see where we started and our vision for change. While the journey to completion was not without its ups and downs, we’re overall happy with the result. This post is mostly about pretty pictures, but we intend to write up a post talking more in depth about the process and our experience working with contractors.

Without further ado, let’s get to some eye candy!

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Cat Integration: Breaking Boundaries

We were hoping to share some exciting before and after pics this week, but the yard is undergoing some delays, so here’s another update on cat interactions instead! We’ve made progress more quickly than we expected and the cats that we anticipated being the most challenging are turning out to be the most rapidly adapting.

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